Trying to help a freind out.

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      A friend of mine saved a long timefor a Canon 5D. He takesfantastic stills on his weekend hikes.They remind me of the old National Geographic Magazine scenes of nature vistas, mountains and woods. He’s now playing with the videofeature of it and is very frustratedat the quality of what he gets from it. He sees all the 5D video on Vimeo and such and is very disappointed his does not look like anything those.

      I asked him for a couple clips to play with using my NLEsand I have been trying different things to makethem look better to no avail. I was also trying to find an inexpensive editing program for him to play with the clips and make DVDs with. Tryed Cyberlink, Corel, and Edius. It looks like this is in the files since they all show pretty much the same issue,some a “softer” imagethen others.

      They are MOV files. He says they were recorded in 1080P. But I look at the files andtheyappear to be1280X720 30fps (cannot tell if they are I or P)


      Scene; Awooded scene overlooking a roaring river. The tree branches and ground brush across the river (about twentyyards away)appear tobe very pixelated. Anything diagonalhas the jaggies, as if you are looking at the image through a very fine mesh screen. You see this even playing the raw files through Quicktime and Media Player. I even burned a couple formats to DVD through theNLEsto see how the playback was and they looked worse (both on PC monitor andTV). Not much better when saved as afile and played back.

      I am not familiar with the 5D or it’s settings and was hoping someone might have an idea where he can look to try toresolve this? Would any of the firmware updates help with this? He hasn’t done any of them since he got the camera almost a year ago.

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      Download the trial version of Vegas and or Premiere to see what you get. Sounds like those programs don’t support 1080p or the H.264 codec properly. BTW, a lot of those videos get converted to friendlier formats, treatment with ProRes and or color correction too.

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      I have had no problems with these programshandlingtheAVCHD files I work with. I may be wrong but isn’t that an H.264 format? And I have played with both progressive and interlace format with them an not have this kind of result. I have to admitI havelittle to no experience with the .mov format.

      These were .mov files right off thestorage card. are they an H.264 format?

      It is easy enough to test by doing as you suggest, but something feels like it might be his camera settings. Or maybe an improper ND or Polarizing filter on the lens.

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