Trying to find camcorder for coaching athletes w/ video

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      I am new to digital video, and I cannot decide whether to buy a miniDV camera or a Hard Drive camera. I hope someone will have some good advice for me.

      Here is how I wish to use the camera that I will buy. Aside from the basic family events, I will use it to film sports events for the purpose of performance enhancement and coaching athletes. I want to be able to cut specific clips of the action and string together highlights so athletes can view themselves. I may wish to put in some captions or pointers to show what body parts are in good or bad position. I may want to produce slow motion. I will want to burn final product to DVD for easy viewing by the athlete.

      I like the idea of a hard drive camcorder because of the apparent ease of transfer to PC and big storage without tapes, but I read that this MPEG compressed video is hard to edit.

      By edit, do we mean just simple clipping or adding effects? I really just want to clip and maybe ad some graphics.

      Can you advise. My take is that I am better off with miniDV as it affords the most flexibility. Any particular camera models?

      What do you think? Thank you in advance for your time.

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      sportsman, i do a lot (and I mean a lot of filming for my college’s sports teams. My advice is to stay away from JVC camcorders. that is what our athletic department bought and they are absolutely junk after all the hours we put on the heads. Definitely go with minidv cameras though. Hard drive cameras compress video too muck IMO. Honestly the thing that makes a good game tape is a good tripod. you can have the nicest camera out there but without a nice tripod your game tapes will be junk. trust me on that.

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