Trying to buy XL2 and need some advice

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      I am trying to buy the XL2 and, have been searching online for the best deal. Most sites are selling these camcorders for above $4,000. But a few sites have extremely low prices. For example sales them for $2,779.00 and they say that all item they carry are brand new and factory fresh. I really want to buy from them but I remained very suspicious that the camcorders may not actually be brand new or unopened items for the prices are to low.

      Does anybody have any comment on this? Should I trust them and buy it? Or, does anyone know about this site?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Always check before buying from any on-line site. This one is about as bad as it gets. I think you can spot the ratings posted by their staff?

      You probably can’t do much better anywhere than you can do at


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      Thank you so mach DaveC. It is a great help.

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