trying to buy a system and not go broke…

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      I am a novice editor who is looking for a system that will grow with me. I’m not looking for a hobbyist’s system. I’d like something with which I can eventually produce a professional looking reel. That said, I’ve been thinking Apple–Mac Pro, maybe mac Book Pro. Expensive, but are they worth it? What kind of specs should I be looking for? In other words, help is needed.


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      I would recommend figuring out which software you are most comfortable with first and then figure out if a Mac or PC is better for that software. Click on the downloads page here, there are a ton of links to demo programs.

      Personally I’m going Adobe all the way. My boss is buying the entire Adobe Master Collection pretty quick and I can’t wait.

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      with macs, it’s all about maxxing out the ram (on the mackbook pro, the mac pro holds lotz more than needed fo editing).
      I’d go with mackbook pro. i’d go with firewire 800 or 400 external drives (lacie makes a tough, bus powered unit).
      then choose software..fce, fcp, or adobe…
      apple keeps thier laptop line ups simple…there’s lttle you can customize…almost any changes would be a "downgrade" when it’s got goods right outa the box. add as much ram as will fit.

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      As it stands going with anything but a mac only limits you as far as software goes. The mac can run FCP, AVID, Premiere. A PC cannot run FCP. Not to mention the fact that the mac can run windows too. Any of the current Macs are great for editing. Hell I even use a little Mac Mini for capturing and light editing when my bigger systems are busy. The are all plenty fast. The Mac Pro is more expandable though. Also a tip if your a student you can pay a hundred bucks and join the Apple Developer Connection, and the give you a huge one time discount on a hardware order. It could save you up to 600 bucks on a mac pro or mac book pro.

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      The previous posts covered alot, but may I add mine? I used Pinnacle Studio 10.7 on a custm built PC and I can’t believe after 3 years I’m here to tell you about it. First of all, Pin. Studio is quirky, buggy, and completely unstable. After having it lose 3 major projects, I uninstalled it. Meanwhile, I had found a great videographers assn on line, NOVA, and they were amazing at giving me the info I needed
      about how to chose. I would recommend to anyone to go online and find an association like this.
      It’s a networking and support group. Anyhoo, he yanked my head out from the guilotine and suggested I get on over the Apple store and get some input. He was right. The help in amazing! They are knowledgable and patient. Currently I am waiting for the delivery of my new baby, the iMAC, which will have iMovie and the gbs to load FC when I want. They also have one-to-one
      classes. For 99 bucks, you can go in there for an hour and they will walk you thru anything you need to learn. An answer to my prayers. I had been searching every college and night class to learn
      some editing software. Most classes are all on media. (too techie for what I need). THe Apple store
      is there for ya, man! I cant wait to get started. I shoot my first wedding in 2 weeks!
      I’d never go back to the PC for editing.
      Good luck!

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