trying to add a pause to the timeline.

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      I’ve got a video that I want to advance through the chapters manually. Here’s what i’ve got. I have 19 clips that will be played in an arena on a big screen as filler during the costume changes in a live performance. I want the engineer to be able to play a single chapter and have the video pause at the end of each chapter. Then when that segment of the live performance is over and they leave the stage, the engineer would then play the next chapter, and so on and so forth until the end of the show.

      However, I cannot find an option like that anywhere. Is this possible in Encore?

      Thanks in advance-


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      It May be an option in Encoredo a search on “End Action” been a while since Ive used it.

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      What I HAVE done to accomplish this, being a bit more uneducated regarding a sophisticated solution, is insert a 2, 3, 5 Min … the longest I’ve ever done and only once, was 10 minute freeze of the last frame of the clip, allowing for another operator to hit the chapter forward button and jump to the next at will. A bailing-wire-and-bubblegum fix, but it did work for my purposes.

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      I’ve done that for a church function.

      I made a Keynote presentation and added each video, and series of stills into thier own slides then set the slides to pause, requiring a manual advance to play the next slide.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      five secs of black with his hitting pause/play is the best solution in a live event with chorography. Delays happen. Not always but dometimes. For this reason, having a man at the play button is ideal.

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      I’ve done both in ENCORE CS3, added still footage that ‘plays’ until the end and made ‘end actions.’ In my case I have 7 short videos that introduce an award category. I found that setting the end action = to main menu works better than extra footage – because once an award winner talked longer than my extra footage! So now I have 5 sec black on each end of the videos and a person on the play button who also dims/lights the projector before and after each category.

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