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      I got an email saying I could download free loops, videos etc for 7 days from videoblocks. During sign up they ask for my CC details. This just has all the hallmarks of a scam or at least a shill.

      Anyone’s thoughts?

      Thanks in advance


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      when in doubt assume it is a scam… nothing free needs your credit card.

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      VideoBlocks is legit – They are a subsidiary of The 7 days is real (you are limited to twenty downloads per day) and you can quit without repurcussions after 7 days. They will then offer you $100 for a one year plan which is a super deal.

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      the company may be legit, but the free offer is not… free means free, and asking for the credit card info is just wrong.

      Go-pro cameras has a win one of everything we make free contest…. you enter it’s free, you don’t have use a credit card to enter… other sites with give aways don’t ask for your cards or bank accounts… it is the realm of scammers to use that tactic.

      so don’t dress like a duck and quack like a duck, lest people think you are in fact a!

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I agree with Don. Perhaps the only thing to ask is for an email address to later follow up with a price winner email and a thank you for participation. When companies like this ask for credit cards you can assume they will automatically charge your credit card when the offer expires and you will go to hell to get that money back.

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      I have done it and everythng was fine. It does kind of stink that you have to give them your CC but as long as you cancel before the 7 day trial runs out it is free. They also have a lot of good stuff!

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      Moab Man

      I love videoblocks, their offers, and what I have purchased. Just cancel before the seven days is up.

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      ” I got an email saying I could download free loops, videos etc for 7 days from videoblocks. During sign up they ask for my CC details. This just has all the hallmarks of a scam or at least a shill. “

      This is a very popular comeon from various subscription services. They are counting on your inability to cancel your ” free ” tiral subscription within theintroductory ” term ” . . . and then they GOTCHA!

      Rick Crampton

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      O.K., here’s something to compare with: Videomaker + membership does the same thing. Moral of the story?We should always exercise care when confronted with “Free Trial Membership” offers. That said, if I didn’t already have my Smartsound music library, I might be tempted. My guess this is probably a safe company…

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      Actually, VM ran an article last month on RF content: – VideoBlocks (and others) are mentioned.

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      well I’m glad it’s a good company, just annoyed at the tactic. Don’t like giving credit or banking info …

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      Thanks for the discussion, guys.

      So the company is legit but there is a gotcha there. I started to read the terms and conditions but they go on and on, and I could not find specific mention of the free offer.

      On principle I will stay away, I think.

      Another thing. I cannot see anywhere that the actual start and finish times of this offer are stated.Just looks like more and more of a trap to me.

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      The parent company, Footage Firm, has several websites. This is just another of their outlets.

      In recent months I’ve noticed Pond5 included in many documentaries credits, I would expect to see VideoBlocks popping up more & more.

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      I’ve gotten stock footage from Footage Firm with no hassles. However, it was when they sold clips off in blocks for a really low price. Giving any company your CC info when not directly purchasing something is a bad idea. Even if you cancel the ‘trial period’, they’ve still got your info which is all they wanted in the first place….

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      I was scammed by VIDEOBLOCKS.  There is no reminder and it is not obvious how or where to cancel.  When I called the 24hr support, it was a call center that could not do anything.  The next business day was past their bogus 7 day trial.  Scammed out of $79 for a 'free trial'.   


      Save yourself the headache and don't even sign up.  Never give your credit card # to anything that has a free trial period.




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      I think that entering your credit card is ALWAYS a sign that you should be afraid – be very afraid. I think that if someone wants to give you something FREE, they have the option to do so without requiring your credit card details. I would not provide my information on that principle alone. 

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      Thanks for the discusion guy's well I'm glad it's a good company

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