Troubles moving back and forth between Premiere Elements and FCP

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      I originally transferred AVCHD clips from a series of 6 SD cards onto my Mac external Drive using FCP 6 at a local Cable Access Media center, with all the recommended settings- was able to edit fine. Saved my first project, went home and used some of these mts files (all there in various BDMV folders) for various projects in Premiere Elements 7.0- we have MacDrive 8 installed on our pc. All fine.

      Went to a friend’s house worked on FC Elements with a series of clips for a new, different Final Cut Project- this time only using footage transferred from card #5 at the Center in FCP 6- everything fine so far.

      Went back to the media center, opened the original FCP project created at the Center (same same lab- identical machines)- one clip seemed fine so I didn’t notice anything wrong at first. Went to add more footage and poof! all clips from most of the cards were grayed out- except the ones I had worked with on FC Elements (card #5). BTW I never opened these or worked with them on my PC, just my friend’s Mac.

      I suspect that somehow my orig clips were affected by my PC, since that one card is still visible on the Macs- but I don’t know what specifically is causing this. Or how to avoid having to convert everything in order to be able to work with this footage on a Mac again. In future I would like to be able to transfer footage once and use the video files on either machine, ideally. Of course all the original cards have since been reformatted.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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