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      Upon being exported to DVD, my last two projects have shown severe damage to the audio. In both of them, there are several places where the audio will have ripping sounds and crackling (like something is screwing up digitally; not wind noise, etc.) and places where audio files I wasusingwillabruptly cut themselves off. I am also havingsyncingissues with certain audio files that will play start playing a second or so past thebeginning(instead of the song starting at thebeginning, it stats a second or so in, but at the same starting place I placed the file at).

      So, after burning and testing out the DVDs, I noticed these problems and, confused, tred to go back in AdobePremierePro and see if I had been so careless. This was not the case. I could tweak a file and when I would re-burn it in Encore, the same thing would re-do itself.

      So, my question is this: does anyone know what is going on? Does it sound like my encoder/audio cardis messing up? Or am I doing something wrong in editing? I have searched around for answers to these questions and have not found any. Help would be appreciated.

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      When I started using CS3 2 years ago I had some difficulty with the interface between PPro and ENCORE. I’ve also had sync problems when I import the sound and video seperatly into ENCORE. I have had NO problem since I began rendering out, using the PPro encoder, to MPEG-DVD and selecting the Multiplexing option in the Audio Tab. That should render out as a single file which you can import into ENCORE project panel. Open a time line, drag in the file and I’m sure the audio will be fine.

      If you are already doing that, then I really don’t know what to check, but it sounds like you are describing ‘peaking’ audio so you may want to see if there is some feature to select, or deselect, regarding normalized audio.

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      Thank you very much. I have been exporting themseparatelyand will try what you suggested.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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