trouble installing Pinnacle 12, searching for Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

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      I recently purchased the bundle of the Pinnacle Studio editing software and Dazzle transfer program

      The only problem is that when I go to install it, it says that Pinnacle Studio 12 requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 to function. Please run setup.exe to install this prerequisite. Setup will now abort.

      I HAVE Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 on my computer…I even re-downloaded it to make sure. No matter what I try, I cannot get past this point. I’ve been working all night on this and it is frustrating the heck out of me.

      Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!




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      What is your OS? If it is a version of Vista, try running as adminstrator. Right-click the file and choose “Run as administrator”

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      It is Windows XP. I am logged in under HP_Administrator.STRAUB (the computer name I gave when I first set up this computer).

      I believe that is considered administrator…or do I have to try to log on as a regular administrator?

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      perhaps you could try downloading the trial version to see if that wakes something up upon instalation…if that works, maybe your instalation will work as well…

      Also, there are a list of downloads that include recent patches like thisone thatmay help:

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      Thanks for the advice, CraftersofLight and Coreece,

      It turns out that apparently I did not have the latest update to Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, even though I have my computer set to automatically receive updates and I already had it loaded on my pc. Even re-downloading the version from Microsoft did nothing, but when I checked under Windows updates, I noticed that there was an update for that. I ran it, waited about an hour for it to download/install, and finally was able to finish the installation for Pinnacle Studios 12. I’m going to try to run it tonight to see if it does what I need.

      Thanks again!


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