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      Somebody help…1st issue I have experienced exporting edited project from Premiere Pro to Encore. In doing so, Premiere Pro exits unexpectedly, then asksto relaunch. Relaunched with the same results.

      Project particulars:

      • Premiere Pro CS3 Version 3.2.0 (374)

      • Encore CS3 Version

      • Project size: 4971.67MB (about 2:05 in length)

      • Export Settings

        • MPEG-2DVD

        • NTSC Medium Quality

        • Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 pass

        • Video Setting: Quality 3; NTSC; 29.97 drop frame rate

        • Audio format: PCM

        • Multiplexer: none

        • To burn on a dual-layer DVD, to author with menus

      • Video from 2 mini-DV cameras, timeline mixed as a multicam shoot

      • Run on a MacPro 2×2.66 GHz Dual Core Intel Xeon

      • 5GB memory

      Any help would be most appreciated.

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      Things to try – and believe me I’ve been through the ringer with those two products!

      Export PPCS3 files to folder, not ENCORE, open ENCORE and import – or/and

      Export as above and change extensions from mt2 to mpg, open ENCORE and import

      I have had better luck exporting as EXPORT>Format=MPEG2-DVD Multiplexer(tab)=DVD

      Once I had a bad RAM that went undiagnosed until rendering.

      good luck.

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      Unsure what you mean “export to folder”; When I go to Export, my dropdown choices are:

      • movie

      • frame

      • audio

      • export to tape

      • export to encore

      • export to EDL

      • adobe clip notes

      • adobe media encoder

      Please advise, and will try. Thanks.

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      Sorry! I meant, don’t use the EXPORT to ENCORE function. Render a movie as an MPG or AVI, whatever suits youand then open ENCORE and then work the timelines and menus.

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      Per your suggestion, I exported as a movie (as AVI or MPG) and gets to the “Render” window. It sits in this mode for about 15-20seconds, then exits out, window then popping up saying “The application Premier Pro quit unexpectedly after it was relaunched. Mac OSX and other applications are not affected. Click relaunch to relaunch the application again…” There arefour buttons: ignore, reset and relaunch, details, report. I have hit reset and relaunch to try again and arrive at the same window. I hit the details button and a window with three file tabs presents: one lists the problem it experienced (in computer code speak), one lists the system configuration, and one allows me to input comments. The only other button on the bottom allows me to send the report to Apple.

      Any suggestions? Other than my system specs in previous thread, MacPro arrived with the NVidia GeForce 7300GT video card. I have rendered many other projects with CS3 in the past with this system configuration and have never encountered this problem. Please advise, and thanks.

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      This may one of those times where a call to Adobe may be in order.

      I have never had PPro terminate as the Render progress bar window opened – but if it happened to me, this is what I’d check. First I’d see if PPro tried to warn me about dropped frames (if you see a little red icon bottom right, clicking on that will reveal a list of dropped frames). If that’s all cool, I’d expand the timeline at each connection with another file a see if I really did butt it up against the next clip. If that looked ok, I would begin to suspect my system, especially when it comes to rendering effects. Since it aborts really quick, do you have some effect, like a speed adjustment in the first clip? Look seriously at your first minute or so.

      Before calling Adobe I would try a new sequence with one file from that project – you could have the unexplicable ‘corrupt project’ file somewhere. If you can’t get an mpeg to render as an mpegthen you know somethings up with the whole project. If that works – try to render a few larger sequences. My guess is that, at some point, you’ll get to the part of your project that PPro is taking offense to.

      I have read a few suggestion on forums that you may find out what is going on by check your computer system event log. I’ve never found that to helpful but you may understand that stuff.

      Actually, I did have a render problem once, but with a different program, and it turned out to be a RAM problem. New RAM card, no problem, but in that case I got an error code, which of course made no sense to me, but when I googled the code I got some info.

      I can’t think of anything else to try…

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