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      I recentl bought the canon eos 60d and i love it!! however when i go to edit the HD videos the playback lags making it impossible to edit. I usually use sony vegas so i downloaded a trial of adobe premiere and it still had the same problem. my computer is fairly new. Please help!

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      There’s nothing wrong with Sony Vegas. The newness of your computer isn’t particularly relevant, either. What matters is how much RAM it has, how fast the hard drives are, etc.

      HDV and AVCHD are extremely computer intense formats. What many of us do — I’m a Vegas user, too — is create an intermediary file, using a utility called NeoScene, and there are others as well. This will allow you to work with .avi files, then translate them back into a hi-def format if you want to create a Blue-ray DVD.

      I suggest you go over to the Sony Vegas editor’s forum and search the archives for threads that discuss slow response on playback and ways to eliminate this. You’ll find a great deal of information and, once you’ve joined the forum, lots of help with Vegas or Movie Studio from forum members using these programs.

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      I have been editing video from the 60d in vegas pro with no problem. My computer is a couple of years old but is an amd quad processor with 16 gig of ram. running 64 bit version. was using vegas pro version 10 but recently upgraded to vegas 11

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      In addition to increasing your RAM, Premiere uses GPU acceleration so having a compliant video card is also helpful.

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      maybe try compressing your footage so your computer can handle it. If you are going to compress the video for web in the end this might be a good idea. This would also be a free thing to try, unless you are looking for a reason to upgrade?

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