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      I know about the cons of using an umbrella attached to your tripod (wind, etc.), but I feel at times it would come in really handy. Over the weekend I was doing a baseball game in the middle of the afternoon and really could have used it for shade. A couple of weeks ago it would have been useful for a light rain.

      Anyway, does any one know of such an animal, preferably with a flexible shaft? I found this one;, but it is only big enough to cover the camera.

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      Iwouldthink getting asecond stand for your umbrellawould be a much better option than attaching it to your tripod. You could always buy one of those really cheap tripods that they sell at places like Walmart and attach an umbrella to that?

      And Iwouldalsothink thataraincoverfor yourcamera would work much better than that umbrella youlinked, butIdon’thave much experience withthis kindof stuff,so Icould be wrong.

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      I have a rain cover for the camera. I’m thinking of a rain/sun cover for the camera AND me! The issue of having an umbrella attached to the tripod is obviously the wind. But if I am already holding the camera/tripod I would be able to steady it in case of a breeze (I realize in a stiff wind this will not work). However, if I have a separate tripod with an umbrella attached and a breeze catches it it blows over/away.

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      Iwonderifa beach umbrella and somethinglikethiswouldwork for you?

      Oranother optioncould be an umbrellahat. 😛

      I justreallycan’tseean umbrella on a tripod being agoodideainany scenario.

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      I personally think an umbrella for shade is a waste of money. depending on what you’re shooting, you may be moving around a lot. if you need it to protect the camera, just use a paper bag and some tape.

      just wear sun screen and bring someGatorade. being a videographer isn’t always easy.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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