Tripod For A Quadbike

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Okay folks hello to you all from a newcomer , we currently make and produce our own Motocross Dvd's and motorcycle event dvd's with the weekly rrugby matches included :) what i am after is a tripod that i can mount on the rear rack of a quadbike so i can film while sitting backwards on my quad , i ask this as i have a desease simlar to Parkinsons and need to make my life a little easier at some of the more accessable events many thanks in advance

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How about a head fitted to a stickypod? Although to be honest the last thing I would expect somebody to want to do is mount a camera to the frame of the quad bike and then attempt to pan, tilt and view a screen. The idea of a fixed camera with wide angle fixed to the bike is sound, but the best results will be hand held, if you can't get a stabiliser of some kind. The trouble is that a pan handle will only work if your body goes up and down at the same speed the bike mount does, but a sharp up as the bike hits a obstacle, means your body lags behind and then you actually make the vibration worse. Some form of isolation will be needed.

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Hi Paul that is a great idea i always use a tripod for all the events we film , this weekend i have 2 events and a 5 Harley event but i have the use of a bike and our photographer is sitting backwards shooting on the go , which stills will be incoperateed into the finished double album dvd , as for the quad support i just realised a gorilla pod may do the same thing , i have a chest support i use with my still cameras but because my tremors go through my body it still showss even with stability turned on , will post here again and let you and anyone else know if it works :) thnx again buddy for your time aqnd response regards

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Sounds like you would be better off with a Steadicam type of device. A good one will isolate the camera from your tremors. There is a learning curve, and it can be very tiring to hold for extended periods of time. Cheap DIY stabilizers can be built from PVC or electrical conduit, but the key element is a smooth gimbal. Any tripod you attach or mount to a quad will suffer from crazy vibrations.

I've seen some sport/reality camera ops using backpack mounted stabilization rigs like the Turtle X. It's expensive, but you might be able to borrow the concept and rig up something similar.

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Hi Oren many thanks thats an awesome bit of kit 700+ here in the Uk but should be able to make something simlar and that would be just the job many thanks for your input if i get something working i will post it up for anyone else to use etc , i really do think this would work and the tremors in my arms chest and neck would be reduced to an absolute minimum and small enough for the stablization system to handle thanks again