Tripod, fluid head, and zoom lens controller, recommendations for Canon XA10

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I recently purchased a Canon XA10 HD camcorder that will be used to record indoor basketball games. I looking for recommendations for a tripod, fluid head, and zoom lens controller for this camera and this application. I don't want to spend more than a few hundred dollars.

I already have a nice tripod for my camera. (And my camera weighs a lot more than my camcorder.) Can I just buy a fluid head and the controller, or is there something different about tripods designed for video cameras?

Thanks in advance for your specific recommendations. Charles.

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What a great camera choice. I am waiting on the delivery of my XA10 to complete my transition from SD to HD.
One of the reasons I chose the XA10 was that it will allow me to continue using my Manfrotto 522CA remote control arm. The 522CA will allow you to do
everything the cameras remote will do but is is part of the Manfrotto arm, which simply replaces your tripods existing arm. The zoom control especially is very smooth.
 I have had my 522CA for many years and wouldn't be without it. I think they are still a current model.

The main difference between a Video tripod and a still camera tripod is that a video tripod is usually locked in the horozontal plane and allows panning and vertical movement only,
 where as most still camera tripods allow rotation as well which is undesirable. Manfrotto make a good range of fluid heads, some quite reasonably priced, but I wonder wheather you will be able
to follow basketball fast enough with a tripot mounted camera.

Regards Ian