TriCaster 455 vs. ATEM 1 M/E

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      My company is going to build a production studio for product demos, training videos and webinars. I’ve seen demos of the TriCaster at NAB2012 and at a local reseller, but I have no experience with the Black Magic ATEM 1 M/E switcher and broadcast panel. So tell me – besides the HDMI inputs in the ATEM, what other differences do I need to know about?

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      ATEM switchers are mainly that – switchers. TriCasters go well beyond with Live Virtual Sets, dual DDR playback, live webasting, ISO recording of Program Stream AND sources at full res, built-in editing and CG apps. TC has built-in scaling to convert any video input source resolution and frame rate to any desired output, including computer sources from a network. ATEM playback channels are limited to very short clips/logos/transitions, while TC can playback hours of footage from hard drives. Apples and oranges in many areas.

      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers
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      tricaster virtual sets  Downloadable Virtual Sets for green screen chromakey Backgrounds and Tricaster Virtual Sets HD Broadcast Quality

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      You cant mix different resolution cameras on the ATEM units through SDI

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