Tribute to 40th anniversary of Apollo 11

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      Given that July 20th will be the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, I decided to make a tribute, using nothing but titles and original Apollo 11 footage.

      Hope you enjoy:

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      That was a nice reminder of mankind’s greatest achievement.

      I was 8 years old when the first landing moonshot was made and still remember it like yesterday, especially that one family vacation we took to Florida and I saw Apollo 10 sitting on the pad. We took the tour at NASA and saw the components of Apollo 11 that were being prepped for the historic flight.

      The night of the landing my mom got me out of bed to come into the living room to watch Armstrong step off the LEM. I know it was early in the evening, but I was 8 after all! LOL

      Nice memories!

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      I don’t have any memories… (I’m 13)

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