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      I’m going to Germany to shoot my nephews wedding. I have two HDR-FX1000s, which are rather large. Thery’re also in the camera bags that came with the kit.

      Does anyone know how much extra I’ll have to pay? Does anyone have any practical alternatives?

      Thanks in advance!

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      I would suggest you look into rentals at your destination. Google or have nephew phone around.

      failing that my second piece of advice…. pack it up in a cooler, duct tape it shut, box it wrap it and send ahead of time ups or fed ex and have it insured.

      I subscribe to the belief that airline baggage handlers all have to pass the same criminal record check…. If they aren’t affiliated with some known organized crime syndicate, or do not have a criminal record for robberies, they probably are ineligible to work as baggage handlers.

      I cannot think of one person, I know of, that flies, that has not had a bag go missing….

      last resort… find out what you can carry on….

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      I check or package everything else. I ALWAYS carry on my cameras. Two bags, or a larger one bag, and two cameras. Fees and rates vary, and are not universal. A quick search of the airlines you will be traveling with provide you with the costs for additional carry-ons, or even if it is possible and under what terms or conditions.

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      Earl is right, if you can’t carry it on, send by courier or rent it at your destination.

      I live in Winnipeg, and get the odd out of province wedding job. I will send my gear courier to Calgary and ride my motorcycle to Calgary rather than get on a plane. Not possible for an overseas gig, but trust me DO NOT EVER TRUST ANYTHING BUT YOUR OLD UNDIES TO THE AIRLINES!!! You been warned.

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      (I did the photography, video and music as well as photo and video editing for that video)

      just do a photoshoot with a before and after shot.

      take the before shot, the after shot, and the behinds the scenes video of the shoot and cycle through each on a continous looped dvd for in store flat panel display… better yet… I have no aversion to making a trip out to Toronto for a gig…. I will rent the gear from vistec and be there if you need it quick, or I can wait till spring, send it greyhound courier and take my motorcycle. Any excuse for a road trip is a good excuse as far as I’m concerned!


      I can even do the install of the flat panels if you need.

      I do work photo and video for Canadian Hometrends magazine, been published in Acreage Life as well as others.

      (Sorry for the hijack, but back on topic, I’d either courier my gear or rent gear when I get there, Iwll not pay the airlines to fondle my goodies, blast me with radiation and then steal all my stuff, they are the terrorists as far as I’m concerned).

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      Don and Earl, you provided sound advice. I may just see if I can find smaller bags for my camcorders. It’d be worth it to me to have my own gear, even if I have to pay extra.

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      My advice about traveling with camcorders probably echoes the others’–take them on board or ship them to your destination. I’ve had to travel with footlocker-sized cases full of networked video gear when selling high-end surveillance gear to prisons, casinos, airports, etc. My God–going through the latest rounds of so-called airport “security” was an absolute nightmare! And with the extra costs now imposed for “extra checked bags” for more than one bag and for more than 50 pounds (it used to be 3 bags checked, free up to 70 pounds!), it wasn’t much more expensive to ship it ahead of time and I never had to worry about it showing up. I marked the special instructions “Hold for guest arrival” and had it delivered right to my hotel room. I shipped the gear out from UPS or FedEx locations, or even Office Depot for the same-as-UPS rates.

      One other thing: I’ve not traveled overseas for a while, but I always had my customs forms with me to ensure that I had proof of US origin so I didn’t have to pay customs duties on foreign equipment. You can register your gear prior to leaving the U.S…

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      Okay, I went to Sicily, Italy for the entire month of September in 2010 and I took one HDR-FX1 along with my Steadicam Merlin. I had a Pelican case which housed the Merlin but my camera I took in a carry-on. I was charged a lot of money, since the pelican without even the Merlin weighed almost 20 lbs. I think I paid an extra $200 for the extra weight. When I returned, I threw out the Pelican, and after disassembling the Merlin, squeezed everything into the carry-on and was happy as a clam cause I didn’t pay anything extra. Someone in Italy now has a really nice Pelican case.

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      I just recently traveled to Florida with the same camera. I have the backpack style carrying case and I simply took mine on the plane as my carry-on bag.

      Not sure that I would suggest checking that equipment unless you want to give someone a very nice Holiday present or have a very good damage warranty from the store.

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      ordinary coolers and duct/gaffer tape make a fine substitution for expensive pelican cases…. just fyi….

      I have a padded golf club case (meant to hold the golf clubs and the regular golf bag inside it) that holds lightstands and tripods and has roller wheels….

      I have a snowboard padded bag that also works for lightstands and tripod…

      I would’ve happilly taken that pelican case off your hands lol!

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