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Travel Video Edit, teaching myself final cut studio.

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    this is a travel video i just edited, I am teaching myself to edit on Final Cut. Feel free to give feedback. thanks.

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    dtrean, enjoyed watching your video, really liked the ending shot.A few suggestions: clip around 1:30-2:10(clouds passing over mountain) could have been a little shorter, it’s good to vary the lengths of your clips but this one seems a bit too long for the pace of the rest, maybe a few too many different types of effects in the total video. Perhaps pick just a few to use and repeat them throughout the video. Great shots of the flora and fauna. I personally would have like to see some description of where the footage came from, maybe some text or shots of road signs, villiage names etc. Overall I really enjoyed watching it. Keep shooting!

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    thanks. appreciate the feedback. ya i negotiated the length of that clip in my head as well so i agree that that could be a possible change. when you say too many effects do you mean like too much color modification? too many effects? just curious. thanks.

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    I enjoyed the video a lot. I liked the last shot also, made me chuckle out loud. I didn’t mind the amount of effects as they were executed well in my opinion and didn’t look gawdy (not that anyone said they did, just making a point) so I didn’t feel like it took away from the video.

    I’d be interested to know what equipment you used to capture the footage…camera, lenses, lights, tripod/monopod or predominately hand held?

    Just watched the video again and the shot @ 2:17 where the guy is on the bull and he screams & the bull starts jumping is great. For some reason I find it fascinating….lol

    Great video!


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    @hogwild Thanks alot. I shot with a Canon HV30. No lights or anything, all natural lighting (minus some brightness and contrast modifications during the edit). I shot handheld and with a tripod. The rodeo clips were handheld. That rodeo fiesta was in Costa Rica, pretty crazy, sat right on the ring fence, up close and personal. Glad you liked it, thanks for posting. -dan

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    really enjoyed the video.for just starting off in fcp i think your off to a good job. this is my next challenge(editing). been filming for 7 years and i think its time to edit my own footage. you say you are self taught ,where are you gaining your knowledge.

    tony p

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    Tony, one of the best resources (there are several, but …) for affordable instruction on FCP is check it out. Another neat place to visit for informative snippets of FCP info is on Twitter, thedvshow good places to start your journey.

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    @tonyp Mainly I put in a lot of hours just messing around and trying things. I watch alot of tutorials also, on sites like and, there are alot good free tutorials. I was also just recently told about and I plan on checking them out also. I think a good way to learn is to just put clips on your timeline and spend time just going through all the effects, transitions, etc and just trying them on your clips, mess around and learn. Like taking apart a bike and putting it back together again it helps you get to know what all those parts of the machine are. I like to watch alot of video with good editing and get ideas and inspiration from that too. A combination of all those things I guess.

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    If all you wanted to do was learn how to use FCS, it looks like you’re on the right track. Learning how to make your cuts and transitions is a way to get familiar with you software.

    The next level that becomes more difficult is learning when to use certain transitions and cuts. Just because it is available in your software does not mean you have to use it. It can be hard to follow if the video appears to be nothing but random cuts and transitions. It all depends on what you are trying to tell/show your viewer.

    In reviewing your video I found some of the transitions confusing because the images did notappear to go together. This is important if you are trying to tell a story with your video. You hadwonderful images and shots in the video butI had a very hard time trying to “follow” your story.

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    theres no story. its just an edited compilation of shots from an extended trip to music. i wasn’t trying to tell the story of the trip, just show the best sights from it.

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    love the edit and also the soundtrack. I liked how you synced the images with the song in the very beginning. Where did you get that song? I was trying to find it on iTunes store but there was no results found…

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    the song is neon indian- psychic chasms (anoraak remix)

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    some pretty wonderful stuff, brother. Loved the timelapse stuff big time. Rock on and enjoy, man.

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