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      Hi Guys,

      I am traveling around the world by motorbike and recording footage/editing and uploading video blogs as I go and am keen to get some good constructive feedback, advice and areas to improve, rather than just my mates telling me they are cool. I have 14 clips up now and have been making them for about 4 months.

      The video blog is at – It is amateur. I edit with Vegas, clean up clips and make maps etc. with After Effects and shoot with both a waterproof, smash proof digital camera that only does 720p and have just gotten hold of a little Panasonic HX-DC1 that will do 1080p HD but I am only recording in 720p – I think this is enough for internet and my pc handles the 720p files better – I have also got a 1080p GOPRO. I am slowly getting better at it. My biggest tech issues are sound. I bought a cheap voice recorder however I can’t easily get it to synch with the audio from the CAM because it seems to record at a different pitch than the camera. The other issue is that my pc only has 4 gig of ram and won’t hack it when I punch in a 30 minute long 1080p gopro clip that weighs in at 3 odd gig.

      Anyway, I am looking for feedback more on content than anything. I am trying to produce 1 v log per week around 10 minutes in length and I am doing this at the same time as traveling and enjoying the travel and trying to capture things. This proves a challenge in itself.

      I really want to try and get story arc’s into the whole blog a bit better and leave them on cliffhangers, or at least leave the viewer wanting more – this is hard when you are running a schedule and things don’t always, just happen. Maybe I have to put myself in more interesting/dangerous situations to make the content better.The other thing I need to do is get other people involved. So far not a whole lot of interaction with other people in the videos – this proves hard when you are operating the camera and interacting with people.

      Other Motorcycle clips online are really just action footage stuck together with a song over the top. I don’t want this sort of footage, I want people to be at least engaged and excited by it.

      Any tips? and anyone have examples of something similar that anyone has done that I can look at for inspiration.

      Everything I have done is self-taught. Thus I have probably formed some bad habits.


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