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      i am off on adventure to india-Volunteer in some project ther, that i want to film as a travel documentary based on my experiences. i am having a hard time figuring out what I’ll need to film a decent documentary film.I’d like to keep my spend $3-4k, (this Budget is for Camcorderand all the atheraccessories i will need).

      Camcorder -i look for Compact Camcorder since i will be traveling alot -so I looked at prosumer cameras like the canon vh30 & vh 40
      are they Quality Enough for t.v Broadcast and film fastival screening>?
      is ther big Difference Between the vh30 & vh 40 ?
      is ther are ather good cameras that will give me manual flexibility and good Quality that is Enough for t.v Broadcast in this price Range?

      in the mor Expensive Range i look at sony HVR-A1E and the DVX100B -do u think ther Quality is so better that it will be mor fit to buy them? ther size look too big for traveling… Relation to vh30 & vh 40 .

      i am looking also for recommendation on Tripod, Lights, Mic (external sound necessary?) – Any budget / compact recommendations for these accessories?

      thanks alot for any help


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