Travel Case for a 10×10 projection screen

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      Hello – I’m having a hell of a time locating a travel case for this screen! Da-Lite can’t help me at the moment. I wish I would have researched this a little more before buying (with co. money) this screen. It measures approx. 10’4″ and is approx 6″ rectangular (or so). I’ve tried Pelican cases and a few others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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      I’m building a wooden box for my projector screen….

      1×6’s glue and dowel pegs.

      I’m hinging a lid and mounting it in such a way that a hole drilled into the box slides over my lightstand and the screen pulls down without being removed from the box.

      will paint it black when finished.

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      You may try looking at PVC pipe (pluming supply store)…
      Glue a cap on one end and a threaded cap on the other end…

      This would be pretty strong, but may be heavy as well.

      That is another option for you.


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      also ski cases, there are some that may fit the bill.

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