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      Currently building a new system around a daual xeon 5140 along with 4gb DDR2 ram.

      My question is that will i be able to get realtime preivew of third party plugins/transition in adobe and after effects or will i still have to scrub/render the time line. I currently do a few wedding movies and my clients are always asking for a lot of transitions/effects }:-@

      And will purchasin an editing board like the matrox RT.X2, AJA, or canopus edius nle make any diffrence to the rendering process or not

      any advice will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance

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      "I’m scratching my head though about your wedding clients asking for transitions and effects. I’ve never had a client with such a request and I’ve never had one complain in any way, shape or form, about the finished product (thankfully!). "

      LOL. I take it you have newer had any asian/indian clients. Some Wedding movies i have to edit normally consit of 6+ hours of footage over 3 separate days and they still wont let me edit/cut out the usless bits from the films. Ive been given wedding movies were you cant just about distingish the bride and grooms faces, But sine they pay i dont complain πŸ™‚

      So do you thinks my DC1000 will be up to the task

      Thanks for the advice.

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