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      I am looking to move from Pinnacle studio 10 to either Avid Liquid, Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premier. Was wondering if anyone could tell me which of these would be most similar to Studio 10 or at least have the least of a learning curve? Was thinking that since Pinnicle is owned by Avid that Liquid would be the one, is there any truth to that? Any feedback on which software you use out of those would be great too! Thanks! πŸ˜€

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      People are typically only going to recommend what they use or started with. The best way is to just download the free trials and see what you like best. Avid is great, but I think it’s best for big bugeted projects. I personally recommend Premiere…very professional and tons of support.

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      Sony Vegas is great- very easy to use but also very professional.
      Seeing as you’ve been using Pinnacle, I assume Avid Liquid would be the closest since thats that isn’t a traditional Avid but instead Pinnacle was bought by Avid and Liquid is Avid’s continuation of Pinnacle’s product line.

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      Thanks for the responces! I wonder if Avid Liquid will have all of the locking up, crashing and freezing problems that go along with Pinnicle?

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