Transferring Video tape to AVI file sync problem

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I have transferred some videotape to avi using AVS Video Recorder. When playing back video I notice that the audio is about a half second ahead of the video. This can be distracting on playback. I then convert AVI to M4V (to play on Iphone) using AVS Video Converter. There is no change in video/audio sync.
Is there adjustments I could make to sync the video and audio so it plays both in time?

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Don Seddio

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Hello Don;

To start I suggest if you still have the tape recapture it but in mpeg2-4. avi has proven harder to work with, for me. Once captured bring it into an NLE, what ever NLE you use. Split the audio from the video track. Now some NLE's are really good about resyncing, but I use VSX4 so I will use it as a reference. Once the audio is on another track, zoom your track so you can see frame by frame, you want the video and audio on the NLE. Now figure out if the audio is off + or -, if it is - you will need to drop in how even many frames needed a dead space in front of the audio. But use headphones to listen to resync. Once resynced, just rerender the work as a file, again stay with mpeg, avi may be compressing it too much. Also if a video is out of sync, direct render into another format will not correct it.

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 Don, NLE is your non linear editor, you video editing software- Vegas, movie maker, imovie, etc. etc. etc.