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      Transferring footage from After Effects to Final Cut or Adobe Premiere seems to be common place. However, it seems to me that to transfer the footage from one program into another, the workfile would have to first be exported as an AVI or Quicktime, which as I understand would basically mean two things:

      1. The footage would have to be compressed twice – once to transfer from After Effects to Final Cut and twice to finalize the footage in Final Cut.

      2. Because the footage will have to be compressed each time – quality will degrade.

      My question is, does anyone know how this can be done without losing quality in the process?

      Would it be more feasible to simply do everything within After Effects and avoid transferring out to another program for the final output?


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      it depends on what you’re looking to do. working on a project in one program and bringing it into another doesn’t always mean that you’ll lose quality. i.e. bringing in a premiere pro project into AfterEffects uses all the same files and only applies the different effects as they are entered into the program.

      if you’re looking to move stuff between you can work entirely in 10-bit uncompressed video (works great but takes up a lot of space and requires a high-end editing station).

      another option is to export in a high-quality format for your work. something other than DV files would be best. while footage would have to be compressed each time, it’s being decompressed by the program before being recompressed. there will be some quality loss, but not too much. i prefer the Sorensen 3 codec for a good quality and not too big filesize.

      at the same time, working on these files and moving them between programs is standard practice and you’re going to have to keep doing that if you want to keep an effective and efficient workflow. probably the best option is exporting as much of your work as possible in uncompressed files.

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      Hey, thanks for the excellent advice! Much appreciated….

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