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      Can I transfer a three- or four-camera, two-plus-hour shoot that’s been edited in Windows Premiere to Mac Final Cut X to make changes/corrections?

      If so, what would be the process I’d have to go through?


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      Depends on what you shot the video in, SD or HD? Tape or Flash Media? MPEG 2, MPEG 4, AVCHD, .avi, quicktime (.mov)? If it won’t just take the raw video as is, you’ll need to covert it all to uncompressed quicktime as that is the standard for PC to Mac workflow exchange.

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      I’m sorry, I don’t know much about this, but wouldn’t that be like starting from scratch?

      Let me elaborate. We hired a guy to shoot a concert and edit it for a DVD. The editing is very poor. We feel, since the guy is in financial difficulty and has had to take a full-time job at a fast-food place, the odds of getting him to re-edit with us present are VERY slim.

      So, we’re investigating getting the Adobe Premiere file from him and having someone else edit it when we can be present. If transferring from Premiere to some form of Final Cut is not reasonable, then we need to know so we can look for someone who uses Premiere.

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      You can transfer the project files which will most likely be no more than an EDL (Edit Decision List) that merely is a catalog of the shots used and their duration from the time line in Premiere. Just because you have the project files doesn’t mean when you transfer them to another system, you get everything associated with the project. You’ll still need either the raw video footage (tapes) or the digital video media files (flash media or digitized clips) in order to recreate the EDL in FCP.

      Since FCP best works with quicktime video, it is the primary source video codec used by the program. Since Premiere works with PC or Mac, .avi (windows) / .mov (quicktime win/mac) are interchangeable though the .avi codec works best in the PC invironment.

      Depending on what codec your former editor used to create the digital clips that ended up in your EDL, you may or may not have to convert them to quicktime for use in FCP. Provided he hasn’t deleted the raw clips by now. If he hasn’t, you’ll need to copy them all onto a harddrive with compatible formatting to run with OSX.whatever. In most advanced editing programs you can just import the files and designate the codec you want to convert them to, in your case that will be quicktime. I’m not up on the spec’s for FCX, you’ll have to check your manual concerning importing footage.

      If he has already deleted the files and doesn’t have the raw tapes or clips on the raw flash media cards, you’re done. If he does, you’ll have to recapture the footage on tape (pray he created tape designations in the video capture portion of the project file) or download them from the flash media cards.

      So once you have the original project files (EDL) and the Source Media (video clips), you can begin editing. Other things which will not transfer are; transitions, visual fx and audio fx. So don’t get bent when you find all those fades, overlays and what-not didn’t show up after the transfer.

      So whether you’re using FCX or want another Premiere editor, you’re still going to run into most of these issues.

      Good luck.

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