Transfer problems with Premiere Pro

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      Ever since I’ve been using Premiere I’ve had problems exporting video. Cut edits have no problem but any effect I use jumps and jerks on the DVD or videotape I’ve recorded to. It looks fine on the computer. I export using firewire into a sony deck and then onto DVD recorder or VCR. Any ideas of why this is happening?

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      Select "Render Audio" on the dialogue that shows up when you’re exporting to tape.

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      I could be smokin, but it almost sounds like a horsepower thing.

      Try this and see what happens. Export the video to you HD as a normal AVI video file. Then start a new project and import the AVI movie file you just created. Drag it on your timeline and double check how it plays. It should play fine. If not, then there is something way wrong with how your movie editor is exporting. A possible codec issue maybe. Anyway if the movie plays fine, then export that to tape and see what happens.

      What rpm’s are your HD’s spinning at?

      Are you on a laptop or a desktop?


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      Also try selecting "optomize stills" this sometimes helps. I did notice in one version of premiere that if you keep the safe window on in the preview this would actually cause a flicker or jump problem when exporting. On your preview window, uncheck the safe TV window – see what happens.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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