transfer of 8mm to dvd image appears negative

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      Hi Y’all newbie here and major procrastinator. Anyway finally got around to transferring kids home movies from 10 years ago and image from tapes appear negative-like and blurry? Tried numerous cassettes and they all look the same. Could it be age/condition or could it be cables? Very distraught over it. Are my treasures gone? I feel like an idiot for waiting so long to handle this. Thanks, Rick

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      Hello Rick! I’ve been there! I have a couple of ideas but I need a bit more info–what are you transfering FROM (VHS? BETA? 8MM? etc.)

      What are you using to transfer? (What hardware and what software?)

      And what media are the new images on? (hard drive in avi format or burned to dvd and playing in your dvd player, etc.)

      This should help me or anyone else help you out. Thanks!

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