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      check your You will save lots of time and money. A very cool and easy way to transfer large videos to your clients and peers.

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      I was going to delete this but others may find it useful.

      I have no idea whether this is legit but for those without an ftp drop this might be of use.

      The only thing I find questionable is that both the sender and receiver need to be online at the same time (or so sez the FAQ) so it might not be as convenient as it seems.

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      Bruce, thanks for not deleting the post. This is definitely legit. I use it regularly and am a fan. My intention was to help others.

      You are correct that this requires the sender and receiver to be online at the same time. I guess different problems require different solutions. :-). See, the problem is that videos are very large, especially with HD becoming mainstream. I hate to upload them and my mother who lives in the different state, cannot deal with FTP clients, downloading etc. I leave my PC on all the time, she logs in whenever she wants and files arrive on her PC. I regularly send her my sons videos and pictures and since they arrive directly on her computer, she is very happy to open the app and watch them whenever she wants.

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      That is definitely a good file storage, but there plenty of file storage sites out there

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