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      Help please!!!

      I’ve created an .avi file with PremierePro 1.5 consisting of still shots with clock and gradient wipes used for transitions. The .avi file plays perfectly. I imported the file into Encore 1.5 as a timeline and it plays perfectly until it is transcoded. After transcoding, each still picture in the video that uses the clock wipe shows a degree of distortion which consists of the following still frame (imagine the pie shaped angle created using 0-2 minutes on a standard clock face). Each still frame using the gradient wipe shows some of the starting black/gray pixels in the upper left of the display.

      It appears that during the transcoding process, the still image is being processed with a small portion of the following transition effect.

      The transcoding settings I used were the default, NTSC DV high quality 7MB VBR 2 pass. I’ve tried other settings with the same results.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      First my apologies as I should have replied several weeks ago…..

      Thanks for the advice. Your suggestion of using PP to perform the transcoding did the trick! The DVD played as perfect as the original composition on my computer.

      I did run into a problem with the burned DVDs on non-recorder players. The DVD consisted of two movie selections. The first runs about 2 minutes, the second about 35 minutes. For whatever reason, the second movie would freeze / jump / audio gargle at various points on two different make player-only DVD players. It did not exhibit this behavior on the DVD recorder connected to my home theater system or the one on my computer. Media was Memorex 16x DVD-R recorded at 4x.

      Any thoughts on why the DVD would play perfectly on both recorder units (computer and TV) and not on the player only units?

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