Transcoding in Encore 1.5

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      I have been using encore 1.5 for a while, but recently have had some issues and hope someone can help or tell me that it is just me!

      I finished my project, everything transcoded fine and I burned several dvds. Saved everything and closed.

      About a month later, I came back to burn another dvd from the project. Had not changed anything or moved any files etc, but all of my footage was untrascoded, so it had to go back through the transcode process.

      Is this normal and I just never noticed it before (because I usually just copy from a master dvd when I need), have I done something wrong, or is encore just messing with my head?

      This is my first post on this forum, so I look forward to hearing from some of you and learning what I can! Thanks


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      In the CS3 version anything that is originally set up in the project as untranscoded remains untranscoded when you close and open the project again. It’s one of the reasons why I make an image after I know the project is good. I make subsequent copies using iso files and Image burn.

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