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      I have a Panasonic VDR-D300 3CCD imager camera. I makes the most beautiful true color videos. But, the video is on a mini-disk, and with the highest quality it holds only 20 minutes. So I want to put the videos onto regular DVD-s. I have problems with the software. The camera can take 3 different disks an has 2 different formats. For a DVD-R one uses Video format, basically mpeg. This I can easily transcribe for instance with Pinacle. But, when it is all done, the color quality is lost. Threw out the baby with the bath water. The bottom line is, I get the best quality if I use DVD-RAM minidisk, which is recorded in VR format, with the software supplied together with the camera by Panasonic. It is called DVD-MovieAlbum SE. Now, DVD-RAMs are difficult to find, and expensive. And, here is the first thing I wonder if anybody had the same experience, they seem to have problems if they are recorded more than once. They hang up, etc. OK is says, lets try the DVD-RW in the VR format. Must be the same as the DVD-RAM. The manual for the MovieAlbum SE says so too. According to the documentation I should be able to copy in from a DVD-RW. But it does not! I says unknown media. So, after all this intro:
      Main question, anybody familiar with DVD-MovieAlbum SE (supplied by Panasonic)? Why cant I use it with a DVD-RW in the VR format?
      Secondary question, any experience with multiply recording the Panasonic mini (8cm, 1.4GB) DVD-RAM disk?
      Tertiary question, would another than Pinacle program better preserve the beautiful colors of the 3CCD imager, it I use the Video format?

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      well thought i might weigh in on your question(s).

      1st I should tell you that I am a serious hobbiest with pro equipment. I will attempt to help you with what I know.

      I looked at your camera type and found that your pick was good for the 3 CCD option yet I as many are not convinced that burning directly to DVD format is the way to go. As a medium for archiving it is probably fine, but once you begin to manipulate the files, thats the crux of the problems. Basically speaking, I would not attempt to go directly from camera to DVD. You should make use of an IEEE 1394 cable and import you video into your editing computer as an AVI file. That is if it is possible with your model. An AVI should give you the purest video resolution for editing depending on how good your camera burns it to the disk. After importing to computer, then make use of a good NLE system to achieve your desired output. I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and love it, along with Encore and After Effects.

      As for the DVD-MovieAlbum SE software, not sure how good it is. I had a friend with a newly purchased Panasonic consumer cam and the bundled software with Panasonic’s proprietary files, confused the hell out of me. Don’t recommend this for a serious approach to video editing. I was also a former user of Pinnacle 9.0 and can say it’s a very user friendly approach with lots of professional type interface, but man what troubles when encoding to dvd.

      Try and export your footage with an IEEE 1394 or ilink to computer.
      Save all video as an AVI file.
      Use a good editing system (Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 for beginners)

      good luck, hope i helped

      Tin Man

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