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      Im looking for suggestions for training with my video camera/understanding the theory for adjusting the manual controls (preferably in DVD format).

      I have a Canon XA10 and use it primarily in my studio where lighting/camera placement, for the most part, is pretty consistent. Im starting to record more video outside which means Im on the go from location to location. I guess Im at a point where Id prefer to use Manual mode more often than not, but Im not sure what some of the controls do and Im not even sure of what questions to ask. So, I dont know what I dont know!:-)

      Currently, when I shoot video outside, I pretty much just do a white balance. Exposure is set to auto (which Im thinking may not be best, but Im not sure).

      My goal would be to understand how the different camera settings work so I can approach the situations I encounter with greater confidence/know-how. What Im looking for is more theorywhat the control does, examples of how to use it, examples showing the effect on the scene, etc.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated.

      Have a good day,


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      I went on line and couldn’t find anything that looks like a DVD introducing the fundamentals of digital cameras. Perhaps someone else on the forum will know of something.

      I suggest you do what I did when I purchased my first digital camera: I sat down with the camera and the manual and sent through every option offered. In the manual mode this will give you a pretty good idea of what each feature does. Hook up the camera to a television set or studio monitor so you can see what happens when you change iris settings, shutter speed, white balance, etc. It’s really the only way I know to get a good feeling for what the camera can do and how to adjust for different shooting conditions.

      Come back to the forum with specific questions as they arise.


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      I have the HF g10 which is the consumer version of the XA10, same glass and same sensor and same software.
      If you have done still photography the controls in the camera should be quite familiar I shoot in Aperture Priority
      when i want to do depth of field work (wide open aperture), shutter priority for sports ( high shutter speed) and manual for tough lighting situations. My view is that still photography shot the decisive moment and video shoot all the moments and you edit out the bad footage

Viewing 2 reply threads
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