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      In the new tutorial this week I show how you can use the Corner Pin tool in After Effects along with motion tracking and masking techniques to place a piece of video footage into a billboard in a streetscape scene. Its a pretty versatile technique with a range of uses!

      Tracking Screens

      Also, dont forget theres heaps of other great video and audio tutorials on the site a long with a range of interviews with filmmakers, rants from Arlo about Audio and links to great work done by Doco Makers, Animators, Directors and more!

      On a side note I just finished editing a half-hour programme for the ABC on Stop-Motion Animator, Adam Elliot (2004 Oscar winner for Harvie Krumpet) and I can say that his new Feature Film, Mary and Max, looks unbelievable!! It opened Sundance this year and has just been released in Australia. I hope it does very well because its a beautiful film.


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