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      Im already using this software to make tribute DVD’s and really like the zooming motion. See here:

      However im also doing DVDs for weddings, anniversaries, 40th Birthdays etc and i need to be able to customise it a bit more. When i say customise i mean theres lots of cool short movies like cutting the cake, opening the wedding book, ballons flying away and that kind of thing and id like to be able to add this to my movies to.

      Whats most important is being able to add movie clips to my photos, have the photos moving like in the sample clip and lastly have a good selection of music i can use legally and lastly that i can put it together as quick as possible. If i canadd text to parts of movies oreven pictures then that would be the icing on the cake. Ive had a look at the Sony ones but theres a huge gap in the price between the other 3 and vegas Pro. Im certainly willing to pay the price of the Pro but is it overkill for what i need to do. I dont need to edit movies just basically put the movies in place, the photos in place, add the transitions and add any text.

      One last extremely important thing is i need to be able to outputand burn it to a DVD afterwards. So if someone could recommend something suitable i would be extremely grateful and again i dont mind paying extra for that extra class but i dont need fancy thingslike video editing

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      if you got a mac, everything you need came with it. “iLife”. Add quicktime pro for forty bucks for some extra versitility.

      I hear “Muvee” is good for pc.

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      Thanks ill google Muvee, i dont have a Mac though

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      btw whats the situation with music rights, alot of the softwares come with royalty free music, if i want to add a song can i just buy the CD and add it, i know you need to get permission from the artist to reproduce but this would be something that is giving to the person and not resold or distributed outside of the family so is using other music opening me up to an expensive lawsuit or am i just little fish

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      you cannot under any circumstances use commercial music with out the publisher giving you the right to do so. as far as “little fish”… do you remember the RIAA going after music downloaders with lawsuits??? keep it simple for you, have the rights, use it, if you don’t, you need to look for royalty free music.


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      Yeah i guess its better to be safe rather than sorry, just disappointing when someone says i want my favourite song for my wedding DVD and you have to tell them you cant because of copyright laws. Not even that but i wouldnt mind paying a yearly license or licenhse per DVD but there is no system in place where you can do this, pity. Anyway dont want this to get too sidetracked as the software is my main priority at the moment. I guess ill justbuy one of the manyroyalty free wedding music CD’s and use them

Viewing 5 reply threads
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