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      Anybody out there can give me instructions on how to add text or video footage to the black toppartor black bottom part of a 16:9 video.


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      You should just be able to use your editing software to put text anywhere you want it on the screen.

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      i dont know if you could because those black bars are spaces that the video isnt part, meaning that that those black bars are nonexistent….those black bars appear when you are showing a video that is recorded or rendered as 16:9 aspect ratio on a 4:3 which is the old square aspect ratio….since the video is in widescreen, the extra space shown on the is just there so that the video wont look all messed up like warped or something like that..but yeah…..

      Also you can manually add those black bars to a widescreen video if you are going to show it in a 4:3 ratio(like a TV)…and then you can add text…:)

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      If you want to do that you need to create a 4:3 project, insert your widescreen video so you have the space at the top and bottom, then put in your text. The result will not be Widescreen but will simulate letterbox in 4:3

      If you created a widescreen video and you see black bars you are watching it on a standard monitor. You will not see the bars at the top and bottom if you watch a widescreen video on a widescreen monitor/tv.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Simple crops will be fine.

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