Too poor to get lite panels led video lights?

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I just found one of these:

at a Canadian Princess Auto Store. (PowerFist branded at Princess Auto).$49.00 Cdn
60 bright white leds the light output is fair, appears daylight balanced (will do some tests this week to see how accurate, I have rosco gels to change to indoor color balance) fairly narrow throw, but a diffuser can be easily made..
mounted on a flip or similar bracket....
not dimmible... but appears weather resistant... good for Pentax shooters with weatherproof dslrs....3 hrs on a charge..
compare to "LitePanels l.e.d. video lights that cost $299.00 and up....
worth looking around for if you are on a budget..

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Well, sounded good, then when I went to the website not only is the cutie you found out of stock, so is an interesting 120 LED tripod worklight set - why do those utility tripods have to be red or yellow ;-) Anyway, thought I'd spring for a couple even if I'd have to figure out pound vs US, but I guess I'll have to wait and see...

...looks like a good unit, though, thanks for sharing Don.

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the link was where the image came from. should've mentioned that.. sorry...

but it is useful to know they are out there and affordable....

I got mine mounted and will do some shooting this week to test it out....

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My buddy hipped me to the Z96 LED lights and I've seen him use them for filming concerts and in nightclubs when artists are performing.

Now, the Z96 runs on 5 AA batteries and, to me, it's worth it to invest in some rechargeable batteries.

Also, check out this review of the Z96 with links to a few sellers on eBay. Here's the link to

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I've been using a mic light that I bought from Markertek ( It's actually made for a mic stand, to shine light on performers' faces, but it has the same size hole that the 100 dollar plus version that Markertek sells, so it fits on my AT-897 shotgun perfectly. It has 48 LED's that run off of 3 AA's. The 3 AA's provide about 2 hours of continuous light before it starts to dim. It was 20 bucks. It runs a little on the blue side, but I always white balance with it and it creates a good 15 feet or so dispersal pattern, so it's good for low-light work.

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Rolson is the manufacturer of that a Google search and you will find dozens of stores carrying different options from them.

All work lights are complying to "green" standards so you will find many new styles and redesigns of old using LED bulbs.

Here is another great one from Rolson

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well I filtered mine with a cto gel, and some diffusion, and it is fine.

indoor or custom color balance... ungelled it is a little colder than daylight, but with a warming filter, outdoors, for people shots it works great.

now we're talking $50, canadian compared to $400.00 for a brand name light that really is not any better, just different. I unbolted it from the base, and bolted it right on to my bracket and it looks good and works....

I think the next logical step is to mount some of those worklights above into a white paper chinese lantern with a cto gel....

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Very "cool" idea...using LED worklights. I, too, have the Z96 and it's pattern is much better than my LitePanel MicroPro...and brighter! $100 difference. Oh well.