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      hey guys…just need to get a few questions answered. as some of you know, i’m new here. i’m just now getting into film. i’ve written a script and i’m getting it going and off the ground. but, here some questions i need answered.

      My Setup: i’m getting a new Sony FX-1 HDV camera, BOXX Computer with a few upgrades, camera crane, and Adobe Production Studio. My friend is getting a field monitor, some Shotgun mics and lighting equiptnment. here my questions.

      *Will ANY shotgun Mic conect strait to the Sony FX-1, or do you need adapters and stuff like that. if thats the case, what do i need.

      *What lighting shoud we get. our movie is about half outdoors, and on location and won’t have a power source. the other half is indoors, or near a power source.

      *What kind of monitor do we need to get? it needs to be something poritable. again, we won’t be around a power source, therefore, we need someway to power all this.

      *What kind of Stabelizer will we need to have to have good steady slow shots? There a lot of dramatic shots, which i will want to do a lot of smooth, slow pushes, and not a whole lot of crazy movement.

      *The camera crane i’m lookin at doesn’t turn left or right (thats the camera portion) and i didn’t know if there is anything i can do to fix this problem.

      Again, just a note, a lot of this movie is outdoors, and will not have a power suplise. i’m not sure if we need a generator, or something of the sourt. any help is greatly appriciated. thanks guys.

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      To be honest with you, most of us will probably not answer all of these questions only because there could be 10 different answers out there and none of them might fit your needs. I would suggest that you do what most of us have done and that is to read and educate yourself on everything. Along the way, you will learn a lot and eventually you’ll be able to make sound decisions on your own.

      Sorry about that!


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