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      I have a JVC GZ-HD7AA and I am a complete novice video recorder and editor – I have shot and then downloaded to my external hard drive a number of unedited videos – I have the Adobe Premiere Elements 4 editing program which I thought should be OK. First problem is it doesn’t recognise .tod files. So I research and downloaded a trial version of AVS converter, and then purchased the Tipart Mod Converter program, both of which state they convert .tod to mpeg + heaps of other file extensions. I have trialled both programs and they both seem to successfully convert to .mpeg or whatever I ask. But A.Premiere always states nsupported format or damaged file.”One of the necessary components may not have been installed” – I don’t know what to do – I have found a few references to .tod conversions but they only confuse me. Neither conversion programs answer my “Help”emails –

      I hope the solution is something very basic that I’m not doing and I really hope someone may be kind enough to help me through this problem.

      I eagerly await a reply.


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      .MOD and .TOD files almost always resemble the MPEG-2 (DVD) video format. It’s not unusual to come across MPEG (and MPEG-2) files that use .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .mov, .mp2, .mod, and .tod. Make sure you are converting files from MPEG-2 to some other common format that is supported by Adobe Premiere. Anyway, converting to MPEG-1 will definitely kill quality. So if you want to preserve video quality, I’d go with DV-AVI or adjust the settings for WMV and export in that format.

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