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      in anticiapation of my new camera, i ordered the sony package of a case and NP-FH70 battery. but, unbeknownst to me my mother ordered the same battery (individually, not part of package like mine) and so now i will have 3 batterys! i didnt realize she would be so kind to do that, and both orders have already shipped so their is no cancelling. My questions are:

      Should i keep all three?

      return one or the other?

      sell one? (i was thinking maybe the one that is included w/ the camera, but who would want to buy that crummy battery)

      any advice.

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      You can never have enough batteries. Keep them all and say thank you. When I first got my 3 cameras VX2100’s, I gave away the batteries that came with the camera (because they only help an hour of time) I ordered 12, 7 hour batteries as spares. I assure you that I have needed each and every one of them.

      I am always looking for charged batteries that are on standby. You never know.

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      Yea man, keep your batteries. You never know when you’ll need em. Same thing with wires, little adapters, all those things you think you’ll never need you will probably need eventually.

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      thanks for the replies, i will defintely keep all the batterys. like you both said, i may not need them now, but in the future i may be glad to have the extras

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      AvatarCat Ketch

      My Sony HDR-HC9 camcorder invariably runs out of juice EXACTLY when I’m in the middle of a vacation shot. I’ve learned to carry a spare in my pocket as well as a spare tape. I have five of the biggest batteries as well as the medium size one that came with the camcorder. I suppose it is possible to have too many batteries, but six seems to do the job. Remember, the hot shoe with your light , IR light, or shotgun microphone uses power. Just leaving the little cable plugged into the battery when the camcorder is off uses power. It may say UP TO NINE HOURS on the box, but you should figure on about three hours of continuous power if you are on a guided tour.

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