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      Okay, so I converted from Pinacle a few years ago. Elements seems to work fine for small (40 min or less) projects. Most all the projects I worked on in the past were with media captured straight to my hd.

      I’ve recently taken on a bigger project for a firend. He gave me hours of old home videos on 8mm tapes. My camera is an old Hi8, and does not play them. So I had to use a local service to have them converted to DVD’s. I have used DVD’s before to import video into elements, & there’s no doubt that although Elements will tolerate small VOB files, it doesn’t like them. Audio synch problems, jittery video, etc.

      Now I find myself downloading all kinds of programs trying to find something that will convert to avi, which seems to be the format Elements likes. I feel like I’m junking up my hd by d/l all these dif programs to see if they work. Sometime I don’t even finish the install b/c certain products only work on a limited basis for the free trial. VideoRedo is the only one that gives you a nice trial version. This solved the audio synch issues, and I would buy it, but it doesn’t convert to AVI. I was using it to convert to MPEG, but now I have jittery video after rendering & exporting.

      The MPEG plays beautiful straight from my hd using WMP, but once I process it with Elements (tried Nero too) the outcome is jittery.

      I’m looking for some advise. Someone who might be able to understand what I’m doing, and suggest what program(s) would work best.

      Please help!


      Jason Bourne

      My system;

      Intel Core2 Quad 6600, Asus P5NE SLI, 1gb RAM, Nvidia GForce 8600GT

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      Hi Jason,

      There are a couple of possible solutions,

      VideoRedo does a great job converting VOB to DV-AVI or mpeg which Premiere Elements will work with just fine.

      MpegStreamclip can also work but is a little more difficult.

      I suggest posting your question also at there are many people doing the same thing you are trying to do 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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