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      I have Studio 11 Ultimate. I need for the text to crawl across the screen from left to right. Is ther a way to do this? or an Editor that can and can be imported into Studio 11?

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      David, Right to left for text that crawls. I tried to reverse the crawl on the timeline but studio didn’t want to do that.
      studio 10 would not reverse a text crawl either. Good luck, CB

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      Since we read from left to right…

      remember that a word scrolling from left to right will first show the rightmost letter in the word.

      For example, the word "kayak" will fist show the letter "k", then "a"… wait a minute, the word "aha"… no, wait, the sentence "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama"…

      Seriously, if you really wanted to scroll a title from left to right, did you try putting the title in the second video track window, pip, keyframe, and change the posit from the left to the right.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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