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      I’ve been trying to make PNG and GIF files for transparent images to place over a piece of my video to create an effect, but the transparency doesn’t work.

      I have title effects with my editor that do what I’m trying to get images to do, but I bet it’s another file type. I’ve been looking for video effect editors, but I want to input my effects into MY editor, and not use another to do it for that purpose.

      I’m making custom effects, it’s for a video game parody I’m making, and I want a certain effect to overlay an image on top of the scene. Kind of like if I want the HP and MP of the characters to show when the scene is a battle scene.

      So what I need is something to create the transparency that my video creator can read.

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      I took a jpeg image and removed the background then placed it on a green background all in photoshop.
      I used "keying/green screen" to "remove" the green background and my image was in my video in Elements 3.
      Video was on track 1 and the image was on track 2.

      I don’t know if that’s the best way but it worked for me.

      I hope that helps.

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