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      I’m trying to create a documentary, and where I introduce people, I want a title bar where I can overlay the title onto. I want it to be a little animation of some sort that looks professional. Where can I get one for free preferrably? If not, does anyone know anywhere that i can download a cool little graphic and then resize it? Thanks!

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      I see your are new to this forum… With final cut express, more precisly LiveType that is included, you have a wide choice of things like that. Very pro and works great. (Open a sample an modify it) What editing sofware will you use?

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      why not creat yours? if your are adobe user please do it with after effects, I dont like to use what other people made or download because this can make me not being creative.

      if you are not familiar with After effects, designe any nice baror go to tille menu-go to based on templatesin premiere chose in bar and tack matte it with anyvideo you made. that is simple.

      thank you

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      i have adobe premiere, and i just figured the easiest way to do this would be to get a mov. of that animation and just overlay the text. but if I can do it inAfter affectsCS4, then i’ll just do it that way.

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      What you are looking for is called a “lower third”. There are quite a few free ones available on the web – do a google search for “lower thirds” and “free”.

      If you register with Digital Juice (free), you can download some free background animations that can be modified in your NLE to be used as lower thirds.

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      Birdcat you did not disapoint me. When I read this post earlier this morning I was going to recomend Digital Juice but I did not want to steal any of your thunder.

      lilfried12wanted it to be animated and look professional and I would highly recomend digital juice also. Although I will caution you that you can become addicted to their website and products.

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      As Birdcat says, you are looking for Lower Third animations, or motion backgrounds that can be cut to a lower third.

      We have some free ones available at muvipix also.

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