Tips on color correction

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I posted this a few weeks back in a bit of a meme group of hot chilli fans. There are a lot of people making these chili challenge and spicy food videos, and my son really got into it. He has become a favorite in that community, and has his own channel going now. I had a lot of comments on our videos and how to make them look sharp - so I made them a quick little tutorial on how I go about it in Vegas Pro - it would also apply to Vegas Movie Studio. This is NOT all inclusive - and was not intended originally for posting here at Videomaker, but I think it is a good start and worth a post for those looking for a little zip to add to their video quality. And yes I am VERY embarrassed to show how one of my weddings looked when I did NOT have the time to white balance and the photographer was being a bit of a pain. At least the end result looked much better!