Tips on Adobe PPR presets

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      Hey guys!

      I’m sure eveyone tries to think of a way to accomplish a certain amount of work in less time.

      I’ve always done video editing as a hobby and now that I started working as a video editor, I started to make time saving things like presets for titles, effects, etc… "time became money for me πŸ™‚

      Now I’m trying to think of something more and I wanted to ask if you editors out there have any time saving tips?

      Most of my projects are weddings and events that have the same patterns, so presets would help a lot. Also, I get paid by the project and not by the hour. I save I full project, with all the markers in synq with the music, my bins, sequences etc… My idea was to just delete the source matiriel and when Adobe asks for the source files, just point to the new project file and have Adobe switch the clips.

      The problem is that of course this would never come out correct and you’d spend lots of time fixig it.

      Any tips?

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