Tips from the Guy Who Invented DSLR Filmmaking

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      I ran across these two vids interviewing Vincent Laforet the ‘Father’ of DSLR filmmaking. It was his short film “Reverie” made with the Canon 5D Mk II the Photographer turned the Digital Film industry on its collective head. Now barely two years later, he is now a premiere DP and expert in DSLR filmmaking. In this interview with the Phoenix Group, Laforet gives his views on types of lenses to use with your Canon DSLR rigs and tips on the best ways to shoot your images to make life easier in post.

      Vincent Laforet, Episode One: Shooting with EF Lenses from The Phoenix Group on Vimeo.

      Vincent Laforet, Episode Two: Camera Settings from The Phoenix Group on Vimeo.

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