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Tips for Wedding Shooters using Canon DSLR’s

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    I’ve posted quite a few bits of info concerning Canon DSLR’s that dealt primarily with the technical aspects of cameras like the 5DmkII, 7D and 1DmkIV such as exposure ratings, and CMOS issues. Even found you guys some hardcore videos comparing DSLR’s head-to-head against film cameras!

    Now, one thing that’s very important to a shooter is the type of lens(ses) you’ll use with your rig. Though my main goal is for flexibility and a cinematic look, you the average wedding shooter might not be into all that. Here’s a really good video (though the music just about killed me) that’s all about what lenses work well for wedding video. Now for those of you who aren’t ‘weddies’ take heart that the techniques and lenses used by the team at Stillmotion can easily apply to your ‘cinematic’ efforts. Check it out….

    stillmotion’s guide to lenses for weddings and events // a cinema caravan tutorial from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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