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      So, what happened is that my brother comes at 12:07 AM, and says, “Oh, Caio, I kinda forgot to ask you something before. I have this project on History class and i need to make a video about the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

      I felt honored, you know? my brother was asking for me to help him. He is 16 and i am 14. So, i ask him, “When is it due?”

      “Tomorrow Morning” – he answers me.

      ” You know that i can’t make a video in such short time.”

      “I know it is hard, but i was thinking of doing it on Movie Maker”

      “If you use Movie Maker i will kill you.”


      “Ah… Nevr mind! i will do the video for you!”

      So, I made the video in 3 hours in Sony Vegas Pro 8, Made a really cool DVD Menu With DVD Archictect and Photoshop, and gave the DVD to him. When he came back the next day, he was like, “WOW CAIO! My teacher loved the video! He said it was one of the best that he ever saw! MY..ahhh… I mean YOUR video will be on the morning annoucements!”

      So, doing this video i lerned several things.

      1- Helping Others Feel Good

      2- This was the first time that i used the Pan/Crop Tool in Vegas. I think i got it how to use.

      3- It feels really bad when someone else takes credit for your work. Specially when 5,000 Students see the video, are amazed by it, and they think that you didnt do it.

      SO, what i am asking, my fellow videomakers, is to tell my your opinion about my video. I mean, I thought it was great, but not THAT GREAT! Is everybody overreacting or is the video really really awesome? Tell me your Honest Opinion. And also, how can i improve my video? Any tips will be appreciated!


      Caio =D

      PS.: It wasn’t a total blow for me. My mom got to know what happened, and she paid me 100 bucks for the video! =D but i am not going to use the money. I am going to donate it to the Pet Shelter that i volunteer on. They are really great people, with really great animals! =D

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      Well, i wrote my post but i forgot to put the Video Link… =D

      Here it is, but click on the Video Name, so you can watch in in HD.

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      Not bad. My biggest issue is making your audience read things on the screen. Go with a voice over. Second, the text isn’t on screen long enough. You, as the editor, should be able to read it twice (maybe even three times) before you cut away from it, or dissolve out of it, or whatever. Make sense?

      Nice job though.

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      Very well done for 3 hours work. And under a dificult timeline.

      I agree with Rob’s comment on the text but with what you had to work with I would not sweat it. Maybe splitting up some of the longer reads would help with the timing.

      File these suggestions away for your next project(s).

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      Hey guys,

      Thanks for the suggestions. I know, even i had a hard time reading the text. It was because the video had to be between 5 Min and 5min 30 Secs. If it was less or more than that the student would lose automatically 30 poitns, so the you could only get a 70. I just HATE that teacher! I mean, i think he thinks he knows everything about multimedia presentation! But oh well, what can i do?

      So, the people were just overreacting, right? I mean, Or it was really really awesome or those people never saw a 5 min video made on Vegas. lol



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      Very nice I liked it and it was informational. Good job for suchshort notice. My hats off to ya

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      OK I am vegas user myself and I can say you have made us proud

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