Timelapse using FS100?

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      Andrew Burke Says:
      May 22nd, 2006 at 10:13 am e

      Hi Walt,

      The phrase DV modes only appears a few times in the FS-100 user manual. On page 38, it appears next to the text Time Lapse.

      As an avid timelapser myself, Ill be sure to keep looking into this!

      Walt Lyons Says:
      May 20th, 2006 at 6:46 pm e

      Big Question For You:

      I am looking a the the HVX200 and FS-100 in order to do time lapse video over extended periods. The specs on the Focus web site say the FS-100 will do time lapse, but there is a DV next to it. Does that mean it can only do time lapse in DV and not HD? No one at Panasonic dealers seems to know, and I cant get a reply from Focus. When asked the same question about the Sony Z1 and their DTE for that camera, 3 calls to Focus said that it could do HDV time lapse, and 3 answered it could not. It can NOT do HDV in time lapse mode as it turns out.

      Would love to know if you can get the FS-100 to work in HD interval time mode, and if so, in which of the formats (1080i, 720p).

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      You need to use the TIME LAPSE record settings on the FS100 itself, not the time lapse feature on your camera. Set everything up as your normally would to shoot HD, and then go into your RECORD screen on the FS100. Scroll down to TIME LAPSE, and the set the intervals in hours, minutes, seconds and frames. Then hit record. Wait a few intervals and check the timecode on your FS100 to make sure the frame counter is incrementing upwards. If it’s counting up, you’re good to go.

      EDIT… I should note that this is with firmware version 3.0. I am a new owner of the Firestore, so I do not know if this was available with prior versions.

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      And how can I update my firmware? I can’t find the TimeLapse control, I suppose i haven’t the firware updated…

      Let me know,



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